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The M8 is a truly digital microscope. With the M8, you will immediately have a large field of view and be able to control all functions exclusively on a screen. With our built-in Live-Stitching feature, seamlessly zoom in and out through your microscope slides and see 50-100 tiles stitched together as one image in high resolution rather than seeing a single tile as you would on a traditional microscope.

The M8 is both a digital microscope and scanner. Unlike an average scanner where you must wait around while it finishes scanning the entire slide, our Instant Scan Mode on the M8 allows you to work on the digitized slide immediately. The smart microscope is perfectly tailored to your needs and makes your workflow faster and more convenient.

Quite frankly, it is overwhelming! Here some quotes: “We are 10x faster” … “the students will love it!” … “Completely new opportunities” … “We have to get it!” … “There isn’t anything comparable in the market” … “Outstanding engineering”

Yes! The entire M8 are developed and assembled in-house by our brilliant production unit. We also manufacture other custom solutions as requested by our customers. We employ software and hardware engineers, PhDs, and business grads. Come and join our team!