ScanPoint is a
whole slide scanning service

Simply send us your slides and we’ll do the work for you!

1. Slides

Simply send us your slides

2. Scanning

We scan them
and create digital files

3. Digitized

You get access to your digitized slides, we return the slides to you

Free Viewer Software

Get our free viewer software to view, annotate, measure and process your digitized slides on your own device

Variable Slide Dimensions

ScanPoint supports standard slides as well as any unconventional dimensions and thicknesses

Highest quality

ScanPoint stands for highest quality and excellent resolution even in demanding applications

  • MicroscopeScanning
  • Used microscope: M8 (PreciPoint GmbH)
  • You decide: Partial and whole slide scanning, 4 scanning qualities
  • Always with overview picture; bar code scanning possible
  • Used objectives: 20x (NA 0.5), 40x (NA 0.75) & 60x (NA 0.9)
  • Resolution: 20x, 0.5 NA: 0.32 μm / Pixel; 40x, 0.75 NA: 0.16 μm / Pixel
  • Scanning method: brightfield
  • Lighting method: transmitted
  • Free Viewer Software
  • Easy, intuitive and ergonomic handling via touch screen
  • Read formats: PreciPoint (.vmic) , Aperio (.svs, .tif) , Hamamatsu (.vms, .vmu, .ndpi) , Leica (.scn) , MIRAX (.mrxs) , Philips (.tiff) Sakura (.svslide) , Trestle (.tif) , Ventana (.bif, .tif) , Generic tiled TIFF (.tif) , .jpg , .tiff , .bmp , .png , .gif
  • Write formats: TIF, JPEG, BMP, PNG
  • Annotations, Measurements & Image Manipulations: CSV / XLS, VPA, FPF
  • Optional software based applications and analytics
  • 1x-350x Zoom (objective / digital)
  • Runs best on Windows 7 – 10

Digitize your slides in
the right magnification

We scan your slides and create web-based or offline slide collections for you.
Highest quality,  variable dimensions, free software.

Ask for our advanced features

Advanced Analytics
PreciPoint offers plug-in solutions for your automated and software-based analytics

Access your slides from everywhere and collaborate with your colleagues. Simultaneous work on same cases made very easy

Classroom Teaching
PreciPoint offers complete solutions to support your teaching, workshops and trainings