Micro Spectroscopy

Our Micro Spectroscopy systems are customer- and purpose-built and allow for non-invasive and non-destructive analysis including live cell imaging. We stand for excellent, custom-made and fully-automated microscope systems which are versatile, digital, durable and easy to use and that allow full integration of your hardware components and software applications.

Together with our partners, we cover a wide range of techniques and methods capable of measuring the spectra of microscopic samples.

The extensive modularity facilitates the use of our system for manifold applications: They reach from the determination of purity levels and layer thicknesses to real color analysis. Further applications that our microscope platforms cover are the evaluation of the homogeneity of plasma polymer coatings and the label-free and non-invasive cell analysis based on Raman spectroscopy enabling the differentiation of cancerous from healthy cells.


What can we do

for you?

  • Microscope system drivers & software
  • Runs on Your microscope
  • Easy integration – plug & play
  • Custom-made smart microscopes
  • Fully automated & fully integrated
  • Upright & inverted
  • Engineered & made in Germany
  • Fully automated & fully integrated
  • Automated slide loaders
  • State of the Art
  • Medical, optical & printing applications
  • Low volume badges
  • Purpose-built smart microscopes
  • Fully automated & fully integrated
  • Various techniques, manifold applications
  • Portable & stationary
  • Automated testing, automated stages
  • Smart software & intuitive user interface