Precision and Accuracy

Automated stages, scanning stages, measuring stages – We believe that our micro-positioning systems are up to any challenge: They are fast, smooth, unbeatably precise and accurate. They are easy to clean, require shortest settling time and are at the same time very long living. As we passionately develop everything ourselves, we know exactly how to fine-tune and maximize the performance of our stages. The key to our great products are our own controllers, which are physically built into the stages in order to simplify installation and maintenance of our stages.

Our standard stages are made for upright and inverted microscopes as well as hardness testers and may come with integrated measuring and software systems. We will be happy to customize and design a fitting solution for your needs and, if required, we will upgrade the stages with slide loaders of varying capacities.

What can we do
for you?

  • Microscope system drivers & software
  • Runs on Your microscope
  • Easy integration – plug & play
  • Custom-made smart microscopes
  • Fully automated & fully integrated
  • Upright & inverted
  • Engineered & made in Germany
  • Fully automated & fully integrated
  • Automated slide loaders
  • State of the Art
  • Medical, optical & printing applications
  • Low volume badges
  • Purpose-built smart microscopes
  • Fully automated & fully integrated
  • Various techniques, manifold applications
  • Portable & stationary
  • Automated testing, automated stages
  • Smart software & intuitive user interface