Custom Software Solutions

Are you looking for microscope-system drivers and software? Our solutions run platform-independent and allow full integration and control of all your hardware components. PreciPoint software is working on widely used Windows solutions 7 to 10 and is therewith integrated easily in your existing IT-infrastructure, equipment and work flow.

Our solutions may be adapted to support various microscopy techniques and methods. We strive for modular, interactive, truly smart and digital, efficient, time saving and easy to use solutions. We also offer integration into spectrometric applications, plug-in solutions for your automated and software-based analytics and an unlimited number of virtual work stations enabling simultaneous work on same cases.

What can we do
for you?

  • Microscope system drivers & software
  • Runs on Your microscope
  • Easy integration – plug & play
  • Custom-made smart microscopes
  • Fully automated & fully integrated
  • Upright & inverted
  • Engineered & made in Germany
  • Fully automated & fully integrated
  • Automated slide loaders
  • State of the Art
  • Medical, optical & printing applications
  • Low volume badges
  • Purpose-built smart microscopes
  • Fully automated & fully integrated
  • Various techniques, manifold applications
  • Portable & stationary
  • Automated testing, automated stages
  • Smart software & intuitive user interface